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    Profity was acclaimed as an 'Innovator' at the Techni-Show 2012 trade show in Utrecht. The company has the launch of its Timesplitter application to thank for the honour. This is a high-quality and user-friendly solution for those unavoidable time registration tasks. We aren’t going to celebrate this alone, though – you too are getting the opportunity to discover the benefits of Timesplitterfor yourself for 30 days. And it won't cost you a penny!

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Metalworking industry

Discounts that are too generous, the costs of failure, additional work that has not been charged or estimates that were too optimistic. ... Read more


Facade construction

As a manufacturer of windows, doors, frames and other outer wall cladding elements, you keep having to find a balance between series production and delivering customised products. ... Read more

Cloud computing

Connected through the cloud

Your suppliers nowadays all have their own procedures for digital invoicing. That is not very helpful for you, because you would prefer to have it all recorded in the same way. 'Connect' is how Profity is bringing companies and their suppliers closer together. You scan the invoice and e-mail it to us, and we use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to ensure that it is 'translated' into a standardized file.


Project manufacturing madeeasy

Are you a manufacturer who works exclusively on a per-project basis? If so, you will be focusing continuously on the figures, both during the lead-in to the project and when working out the T&M afterwards. We have developed ERP software in-house that rapidly gives you the insights that you need and means you are able to improve the operational processes where necessary.